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Spring Cleaning

cleaning supplies in a tote agaisnt a backdrop of spring blossoms

The Verde at Greenbelt Station has some advice to help you get your apartment cleaned up for spring. Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start. Get ready for the summer by letting go of the old to make space for the new this year. We hope that our spring cleaning tips help you clear up the clutter in your Greenbelt, MD apartment home this April.

Start your spring cleaning by making a spring cleaning checklist. Walk through your Verde at Greenbelt Station apartment and evaluate each room. Make a list of the tasks you need to accomplish before the month is through and assign each task a “due date.” Commit yourself to finishing each task before the due date arrives. Not sure of what your spring cleaning checklist should include? You can check out Martha Stewart’s spring cleaning checklist.

It’s important to make achievable goals for your spring cleaning. How much stuff will you be getting rid of this year? Send any unwanted clothing, books, or movies to your local donation center. Gift your old coffee maker or blender to a friend. There are plenty of places to bring your old things once you’ve finished cleaning.

Clear out any old documents during spring cleaning, as well. Remember to shred any documents that might include personal or financial information. Find an effective system to safely store the rest of your documents. Good Housekeeping has an awesome article on 8 Ways to Organize all of Your Most Important Paperwork.

It’s important to remember to clean your appliances every once in a while. Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to wipe down your fridge, clean your dishwasher, clear out your garbage disposal, disinfect your washer, and dust off your dryer.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips for us? Leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!