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National Seafood Month

Catfish roasted in batter on a white plate.
Seafood lovers rejoice! October is National Seafood Month and there is plenty of seafood to go around. The Verde at Greenbelt Station Blog is sharing some great seafood places right here in Greenbelt, MD where you can find delicious and fresh seafood to satisfy your belly. An evening out of your apartment for dinner sounds like the perfect plan for the weekend. Keep reading for a few great local places you need to try!

Fishnet (1.0 mile)

Fishnet is a fast-casual seafood café that specializes in fresh, hand-cut, fish filet entrées and sandwiches accompanied by homemade sauces and sides. Enjoy fine dining, enjoying quality fish, in a casual setting and at a casual dining price — the best of both worlds! You will find only the freshest, seasonal, and top quality ingredients in the food.

Sakura Seafood Buffet (1.1 miles)

Get out and eat some seafood in celebration of National Seafood Month! Sakura Seafood Buffet in College Park offers Italian, American, Japanese, and sometimes even Mexican food alongside the traditional Chinese fare. They offer a wide range of seafood as well, including a sushi bar and hibachi bar.

Sir Walter Raleigh Inn of Greenbelt Inc. (1.0 miles)

Sir Walter Raleigh Inn has been serving the Washington Area since 1970. Their staff takes pride in serving delicious food at a reasonable price. They are conveniently located near College Park, MD, home of the University of Maryland Terrapins!

They serve everything from award-winning prime rib to custom cut steaks, to fresh seafood, and of course their famous soup and salad bar. They now have what they call the Big Boss Crab Cake, which is 10 ounces of jumbo lump crab meat with very little filler! They also have a 6-ounce version of the dish called the Jr. Boss.

Red Lobster (5.3 miles)

Hurry to Red Lobster to enjoy their Endless Shrimp special before it ends! We also love their warm cheddar bay biscuits. You’ll find lobster, crab, scallops, fish, clams, and more in a fine dining setting. Red Lobster features delicious, high-quality seafood available and affordable to everyone, including people who live far from the coast. Once a single, family-owned restaurant in Lakeland, Florida, there are now over 700 locations.

What is your favorite seafood restaurant in the area? What is your favorite type of seafood? Let us know by leaving up a comment. Thanks for reading our post and we hope you have a wonderful month filled with all your favorite seafood!