Make Your Own Valentine's Day Cards

The Verde at Greenbelt Station Blog, Greenbelt, MD  Have some fun and give your Valentine cards a more personalized touch. We've got some ideas to share.

Valentine’s Day is on its way and we are super excited! Have some fun and give your Valentine cards a more personalized touch. Read on for some DIY Valentine card ideas on this month’s post on The Verde at Greenbelt Station Blog. Head to your favorite craft store here in Greenbelt, MD and then get crafting at your apartment.


“I Love You More Than…” DIY Card from Alyssa & Carla

Make this accordion-style card to express how much you love your Valentine. Fill it with some of your favorite things so that they know how special they are to you. To make it, you will need the following materials and supplies: construction paper, a long strip of red paper, grey construction paper or cardstock, letter stamps or stickers, pens or markers, glue, and scissors.


Spool of Love from Earnest Home Co.

This unconventional Valentine uses small wooden sewing spools, patterned wrapping paper, and twine to make a scroll-like hidden message for your valentine to unravel. We think this idea is absolutely adorable!


Heart-Shaped Crayon Valentines from The Nerd’s Wife

Fill silicone heart-shaped molds with broken wax crayons for a super cool Valentine. You can even print out these pre-made cards on cardstock or photo paper. Melting different colored crayons together creates a cool marbled effect.


Origami Heart Cards from Omiyage Blogs

Keep things classy with this origami heart card. You can even include instructions and patterned paper for your valentine to make their own origami hearts! It is also easy to mail if your Valentine doesn’t live close by.


Bee My Valentine Card from Polkadot Chair

On small squares of cardstock write “Bee My Valentine” and then use a hole punch to make two holes to run a ribbon through. Then, tie the ribbon around a pencil with a bee eraser or a tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm. These valentines are clever, cute, and puny.


Do you have any other DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas to share with us? Leave them in the comments so we can check them out. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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