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Beginner Gardening Tips


The Verde at Greenbelt Station Blog, Greenbelt, MD  Start your own balcony or patio garden this spring! We've got some beginner gardening tips to help you get started.

Gardening is a popular hobby that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while creating something beautiful! The Verde at Greenbelt Station Blog is sharing some beginner gardening tips to help you get started on creating a mini garden on your balcony or patio this spring. We hope you enjoy the benefits of this fun hobby here in Greenbelt, MD!


Know Your Region

Understand what grows well in the area and climate where you live so that you can choose plants that will flourish and add beauty to your garden. This plant hardiness zone map from the USDA will help you determine which plants grow best in your location.


Test the Soil

Before you begin planting, you should test the pH level of the soil you plan on using. You will want to obtain soil that has a good balance between being acidic and alkaline because this will l affect how your plants absorb nutrients. Knowing the pH level of your soil will also help you know how to treat it for the best plant growing results. Be sure to provide adequate drainage for the containers you use for your plants. Check out this article from Apartment Therapy which highlights various containers for your balcony or patio garden.


Start with Easy Plants

Some plants are easier to grow and don’t require as much care as others. Start out with more low maintenance plants to test your green thumb on first. Growing vegetables is a good choice because they grow fast and you don’t have to spend months waiting for them to sprout.


Be Patient

Gardening is a process that requires patience. Check on your plants often, but if nothing looks wrong then leave them be. Don’t get impatient and overwater them to make them grow faster, because it won’t work and you will just end up killing your plant(s).


What other gardening tips would you add to our list? Share your tips with everyone in our apartment community by leaving them in the comments of this post. Thanks for reading!